Should I always feel hope?

I’m just as passionate about watching movies as I am about reading books, and one of my favorite movies is Phoebe in Wonderland. If you’ve seen the movie and you know my struggle with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), it shouldn’t surprise you that I’m slightly obsessed with this movie. Phoebe is a nine year-old girl

Should I laugh or cry about my OCD?

Some things are just not laughable. For instance, I have chronic migraines. I have yet to find a reason to laugh about that…I don’t cry about it either because that just makes it worse. But, OCD is different, at least to me.  OCD is something I’ve shed many tears over, but in an effort to

What is OCD?

The following information about OCD was borrowed from The Peace of Mind Foundation has been extremely helpful to me, with my own OCD battle and also to my husband as he learned how to live with me! If you, or someone you know, battles OCD, visit for helpful information and resources.   WHAT IS