Interview with Author, Stephanie Lammers

We’ve all struggled with doubt at some point in our lives. If you happen to be in that season of life right now, Traps of Doubt might be the book you’re looking for! I hope you enjoy learning about this book and the beautiful woman who authored it, Stephanie Lammers.

A little about your writing:

The title of your book is Traps of Doubt. When in the writing process did you choose this title?

It’s funny how the timing of choosing the title worked out, because God had given me that title before I ever wrote the book.  (That’s typically how everything I’ve ever written has worked out)  The Holy Spirit is usually in the process of teaching me the lesson personally through a series of lessons or situations in my life, and as they all piece together…it’s the most amazing thing to see how it all fits perfectly with the ‘title’. 

How long did it take you to write Traps of Doubt?

I’m pretty sure it took me a period of 6 months because I did not have a deadline and was solely writing as God was teaching me and laying things on my heart. I also never really thought I’d ever put ANY of my writings in a book form of any sort; they were just for my personal journaling and time with the Lord.  Journaling has always been an outlet for me to connect with God in a personal and relational way.

How long did you carry this book around in your head before getting it out on paper?

Not for very long!  One of my friends, who has authored over 10 books and Bible studies, greatly encouraged (ok, pushed!) me that God had given me this passion and gift of writing for a reason…not to just journal and keep to myself but to allow Him to use it in any way He chose. 

What message do you hope the reader will take away from this book?

One of my greatest hopes is that the reader will have an awakening in their heart and a connection to the Truth; revealing any ‘traps of the enemy’ they may be living in.  Ultimately so they can experience freedom through the power of the Holy Spirit, letting His truth set them free! 

Has the concept of Traps of Doubt ever been a struggle for you personally?

Absolutely!!  Anything I’ve ever written has always been from the personal life lessons that God is teaching me.  The book, Traps of Doubt, was simply birthed from a season where I dealt with significant doubt. And many of the doubts started in me doubting myself and if I’d be capable to homeschool my children.  But, through that lesson, God had in store to teach me so much more! 

Did you learn anything new, or have any “aha moments” while writing this book?

Oh, yes! There are simply too many to name here, but as we step out in obedience to what God is stirring us to do, He reveals so much of Himself through that.  And that’s what happened to me.  I would simply say, “I’m NOT an author in any way, shape or form, I’m not good at grammar…” and on and on I’d go, sounding like another excusive Moses.  But, one big aha moment was simply when God reminded me that He chooses to use anyone who is simply obedient! And if He could use my book to touch one life and set them free, that was enough for me!

Which chapter was the easiest and hardest to write? Why?

I would say the hardest chapter to write was the first.   I knew what message I wanted to write but really didn’t know how to start or begin.  I also knew that an author (or speaker) only has one short opportunity to either draw in their reader or listener or else turn them off if the opening isn’t interesting.  The easiest chapters were the ones that went into the personal revelations God had taught me.  Because they were so personal and real, I didn’t really have to think too much about ‘how to write them’ per se, I just simply wrote the lessons He had taught me.

Now that the project is complete, are there any last minute thoughts you wish you had added?

There are many, many things that God has taught me regarding this area since I’ve finished the book.  Personally as we mature and grow closer to Christ, we will gain so much more knowledge and revelation in the Truth and that has simply happened with me in this area.  (I’ve recently been contemplating and considering revising the book and updating it.)  

In Traps of Doubts you give the reader personal journal space. Why do you think journaling is so important?

Journaling is truly a venue to connect with God and His truth in a deeper level.  It’s not enough to simply read words on a page, because often we forget those words or they never really take root in our hearts.  Something supernatural happens when we take the time to journal what God is showing us.  Just like King David did in scripture in the book of Psalms, he cried out to God (journaled) his good times, his bad times and what God was teaching him.  And that’s what happens to us when we take time to journal. 

Are there any other specific topics laying heavy on your heart that you might write about in the future?

Yes, God has been stirring more in me and has put two titles on my heart.  One topic is about what it truly means to be a Daddy’s girl (God’s girl, really knowing the heart of our Father) He is personally teaching me this since I’ve lost my Dad.  God is drawing me in to get to know Him more as my Daddy.   Another topic is Growing in the Journey…One Step at a Time.  (Learning to embrace the growth that is happening in our lives, even when it feels slow.  Accepting that we are growing and becoming more like Him through each and every season, good and bad)

 A little about you:

Do you have any strange writing habits, like wearing a special hat or taking breaks to stand on your head?

I don’t have any strange writing habits but I do have to take breaks…but they’re breaks that usually involve my favorite hot coffee or a snack of some sort! 

What writers inspire you and why?

Lysa TerKeurst is my most inspirational and favorite author.  She has this unique way of writing that makes the reader feel like she’s chatting with Lysa over coffee, a personal and ‘easy to read’ style of writing.  Yet, she has such depths of the Word and God has truly used her wisdom to change so many areas of my life. 

What are you currently reading?

The Best Yes, by Lysa TerKeurst, The Power of a Praying Parent by Stormie Omartian and Enemies of the Heart by Andy Stanley

How many books do you have piled up waiting to be read?

Oh my!  This is a funny question because I always have about 2-4 books I’m reading at once.  I hop from one to another as I feel led.  Plus, I have about 3 on my ‘to read’ list. 

When you enter a book store, which section do you head to first?

If I walk into Barnes and Noble, I typically head straight to Starbucks for a latte and then head to the homeschooling/kids section (for books for my kids) and the Christian non-fiction books.  I’m not a big fictional reader simply because my free time is so limited, and I don’t have a lot of time for pleasure reading.  Instead, I want to get my hands on any book that will give me wisdom and guidance in my life.

If you could choose an author to mentor you, who would it be? Why?

It would definitely be Lysa TerKeurst.  She is so real and transparent, and that makes it so easy to relate with her.  She has so much depth and insight and has so much to teach about the Word and what God has taught her through her life. 

What do you like to do when you aren’t writing?

I love to spend time with my husband and 4 kids, anything that’s quality family time. I also enjoy reading.  This is very relaxing to me.

Tell us a little about your family.

I’ve been married to the most amazing husband, Bill, for 17 years and we have four children.  Our oldest, Will is 13, Joseph is 11, Adelynn is 9 and Josiah is 7.  We have one cat, Buckeye (because we’re OSU fans) and our yorkiepoo, Butters.  (short for Butterbear…because he looks like a furry bear and I like Butterbear coffees from Bigby, so our kids had that idea for a name~ha!:) )

You’re a homeschooling mom; what do you love most about that aspect of your life?

Just reading the words, homeschooling mom, makes me smile.  I LOVE being a homeschooling mom.  It’s simply because I feel called to do it and I LOVE being with my kids and teaching them.  I’ve always loved the many, many opportunities I have to teach and train them throughout the day.  (I like to call them my Deuteronomy 6 opportunities; when we drive, when we eat together, etc)  I’m so thankful for this season of life! (although there are certainly tiring and draining days too!)

Tell us about your personal time with Jesus. When and how do you spend time refueling yourself?

My time with Jesus is so critical for refueling.  I spend early morning time with Jesus before any of my kids are up.  Morning is my favorite time of day to have my personal time because it’s quiet, no interruptions and it’s the best way for me to start off the day! I have my favorite comfy chair, and love to cozy up with my Bible and favorite hot drink. 

Other ways I also refuel myself throughout my days is with exercise, reading, or some sort of organizing.  (Weird, I know…but organizing is almost therapy for me~ha ha!)

Thanks, Stephanie!

You can read more from Stephanie at True Identity Ministries and order Traps of Doubt at . You can also contact Stephanie at for information about a 4 week DVD study to accompany this fabulous book!


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