Prayer for our most influential people

I heard on the radio today that TIME Magazine has issued their list of the most influential people of 2015. As usual, there were names on the list I didn’t recognize, there were names that made me smile and names that made me roll my eyes. But, there was one name in particular that got my attention…Kim Kardashian.

Last November I saw two posts that caught my eye, “What you should tell your teen (and yourself) about Kim Kardashian” and “Things I plan to tell my teenage boys about the nude pictures of Kim Kardashian”. While I agreed with what these articles had to say,  I was struck by how badly Kim needs prayer. So, I wrote an article, Kim Kardashian is a slave, and encouraged my readers to add her to their prayer list.

I pray for Kim on a regular basis as it is, but after hearing that she is one of 2015’s most influential people, you better believe I’ll not only be praying for her, but from now on, I’ll also be praying for the multitudes of people being influenced by her.

But, I realized today, I shouldn’t limit my prayers to Kim Kardashian and her trail of destruction. As I look over TIME’s list of this year’s most influential people, I know that by the world’s standards, everyone on the list “deserves” to be there…and even by my own standards, people like Malala Yousafzai have certainly earned a place on a list of important, heroic, influential people. But even so, this list is one more reminder that this world is not my home…but while I live here, I live surrounded by influential, yet lost people…and they need prayer.

As this issue of TIME begins to circulate, I encourage you to pray over all 100 of the “most influential” men and women of our day.

In the front of my Bible I have written, “It is a great thing to talk to man about God, but an even greater thing to talk to God about man.” TIME doesn’t have a category for Prayer Warrior, but if they did, imagine yourself on that list…as someone who took the time to talk to the One who can influence the ones influencing our world.

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